26/08/2017 19.00 *SPECIAL SESSION* B_Tour Final Get-Together: ‘So How does Participation Actually Work?’

B_Tour is a week long artistic experimentation with the notion of the art of invitation or art as an invitation and participatory art, taking place from the 21st until the 26th of August in places all over Berlin. The programme will include a series of public and closed workshops, performances, interventions and conversations. The projects touch on subjects such as unofficial history, gentrification, personal urban narratives, cultural translation, stereotypes and placemaking. Who do you as an artist invite? how do you invite them? why do you invite them? where do you invite them? What do you want to share with them.​

After a week long full of learning and experimentation, the participants will get together to reflect and discuss their experiences collected both during the part of the festival in Israel and their activities in Berlin. They will give presentations and reflect on participatory strategies and thoughts about future projects. This event will be open to other practitioners who work with participatory strategies in the city and will conclude with an open discussion and exchange between the participants over beer and Pretzels.

This evening will be moderated by Lianne Mol, organizer of the ART as/is SOCIAL discussion series.

B_Tour Final Get-Together: So How does Participation Actually Work?
Saturday 26th of August 19.00
Agora MOVE, Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin

Full programme: http://www.b-tour.org/full-program.html
Facebook event: http://bit.ly/2u393Z7

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